Selected Publications of Dr. Lisa Lunney Borden

On this page you will find information about publications that focus on decolonizing education, in particular mathematics education, for Indigenous students. Find videos of Lisa talking about her research and outreach work on The Learning Exchange.


Lunney Borden, L. & Wiseman, D. (in press) Considerations from Places where Indigenous and Western Ways of Knowing, Being, and Doing Circulate together: STEM as Artifact of Teaching and Learning, CJMSTE

Munroe, E.; Lunney Borden, L. & Murray-Orr, A.; Toney, D. & Meader, J. (2013). Decolonizing Aboriginal Education in the 21st Century. McGill Journal of Education, 48(2), 317-337
Lunney Borden, L. (2012). What’s the word for…? Is there a word for…? How understanding Mi’kmaw language can help support Mi’kmaw learners in mathematics, Mathematics Education Research Journal. DOI: 10.1007/s13394-012-0042-7

De Frietas, E.; Esmonde, I.; Wagner, D.; Knipping, C.; Lunney Borden, L.; & Reid, D. (2012). Discursive authority and socio-cultural positioning in the mathematics classroom: New directions for teacher professional development. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education, 12(2), pp.137-159. Available on-line:

Lunney Borden, L. (2011) The “Verbification” of Mathematics: Using the grammatical structures of Mi’kmaq to support student learning. For the Learning of Mathematics, 31(3), 8-13. Download

Sterenberg, G; Barrett, L.; Blood, N; Glanfield, F; Lunney Borden, L.; McDonnell, T; Nicol, C.; Russell, C. and Weston, H. (2010). To become wise to the world around us: Multiple perspectives of relating Indigenous knowledges and mathematics education. Delta K, 47(2), 21-29.

Book Chapters

Wagner, D. and Lunney Borden, L. (2015) Common sense and necessity in (ethno)mathematics, in Sullenger, K. and Turner, S. (eds), New Ground: The Story of a Research Collaboration Studying  Informal Learning in Science, Mathematics, and Technology, (pp.113-128) Rotterdam, NL: Sense Publishers

Lunney Borden, L. & Wagner, D. (2013). Naming method: “This is it, maybe, but you should talk to…” In Jorgensen, R.; Sullivan, P. & Grootenboer, P. (Eds) Pedagogies to enhance learning for Indigenous students. (pp. 105-122) New York, NY: Springer.

Wagner, D. & Lunney Borden, L. (2012). Aiming for equity in mathematics education research in a marginalized community: A perspective from Canada. In Choppin, J., Herbel-Eisenmann, B., Pimm, D. & Wagner, D. (eds.) Equity in Discourse for Mathematics Education: Theories, Practices and Policies. (pp. 69-87) New York, NY: Springer

Lunney Borden, L. and Wagner, D. (2011). Qualities of Respectful Positioning and their Connections to Quality Mathematics. In Atweh, B., Graven, M., Secada, W., and Valero, P. (Eds). Mapping Equity and Quality in Mathematics Education. (pp. 379-391) New York, NY: Springer