Food Sovereignty


Food Sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems.

Activity 1: Let’s talk lunch

Food has to be accessible and accessibility of food varies for what kind of transportation you have or what resources you have access too. Throughout this activity we will discover just how much a meal can differ depending on what transportation you have. Watch the following video to get a better understanding of what resources are around you.

Now try the following activity to get a better understanding of what foods are accessible to you.


Activity 2: The Cost of Dinner

In the first activity we discussed the importance of every human having access to food that will be able maintain a balanced diet. Food insecurity occurs when people don’t have access to affordable food options. Using the following spread sheet and activity, calculate the cost of some of your meals.


Activity 3: Tying a Knot

Tying knots is a big part of everyday life, knots are used to keep your shoes on and your shorts up. Knots are also used to catch game. The rabbit in the following Mi’kmaq legend used knots to catch food for the family. Read the following legend to learn why the rabbit has some of its characteristics.

The following video gives a great example of how to set a rabbit snare

Now that we have some knowledge about the purpose of knots, try the following activity.


Activity 4: The Fisherman Game

Fish is a staple in many Mi’kmaq households, whether that is for eating or providing a livelihood. The following Desmos activity will give you a better understanding of the importance of Indigenous communities having adequate access to traditional food in helping to decrease food insecurity.

The following video will also give more insight into Mi’kmaq Livelihood fishery.

Check out this link to an online coloring book about at-risk species. Read all of the pages to get a better understanding of the species at risk before choosing “select page” to choose the page you wish to color!

The American Eel is an at risk, Try the following word search to learn more about the American Eel and its ties to Mi’kmaq history.


The next link will give you the oppurtunity to learn about the life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon.

Now that you have a lot of insight about fishing and its importance to the Mi’kmaq, try the following activity.