Bringing it Back to the Classroom

My students and I really enjoyed the program. It was a great to see  the passion my students have for math outside of the classroom as well as in it. It was a great mixture of activities and most of all they enjoyed the day at St.Fx. They can’t stop talking about it. Also, the girls were amazing with the kids. The girls were so enthusiastic and it definitely rubbed off on the kids. They looked forward to every session.  They really enjoyed the Blokus game. They were so excited to take it back to class and teach it to their friends. I asked my own son what his favourite part of it was and he said “playing that game.”  I especially enjoyed the night when we learned about the water.  I liked the hands on aspect of this program.  I was able to bring many activities back to the classroom and use them with all my students.  I really hope that this program is something that we can continue next year. Thanks for giving my students this wonderful experience! (Monica, Teacher, Potlotek)