Mazes and Labyrinths


These activities will give you an insight into how to make mazes, labyrinths and Sona Drawings. We will also take a look at a very famous graph theory problem.

Activity 1: The Bridges of Königsberg

The bridges of Königsberg is an old graph theory problem. Try the activity below to familiarize yourself with some graph theory concepts.

Now that we are familiar with some concepts, lets dive deeper into the problem with the activity below.


Activity 2: Making Mazes, Labyrinths, and Sona Drawings.

This module gives a great introduction on how to construct mazes, labyrinths, and Sona drawings. Try going through some mazes on the following website.

now that we have went through some mazes, have you ever wondered how to make a maze. The following activity gives some insight on how to make a maze.


Here are some more mazes to try and go through


Activity 3: Push-Pin Maze

The next activity is going to put the skills you learned in the previous modules to use, we are going to create a maze to go through with a marble.

Here is a video to help you draw different kinds of mazes

Now that we know how to draw all kinds of mazes, lets construct one that we can go through. Try the following activity.